Harriet visits Monica and Peter for an episode of Tea & Tech to discuss connected teaching during the pandemic. We cover a lot of territory including: the zoom camera debate, apps that help with remote teaching, polling students regarding technology access, student access to technology over the course of a semester, decisions re: asynchronous and synchronous, using video to connect, and more.

I think a lot about authenticity in teaching, and self-disclosure with students… I think that question is even more profound in a time like this where I’ve had moments of being stressed… and then I get online with students and their stress, and how do we manage that in a way that’s authentic but where I’m also holding on to my role as a teacher. – HLS

Monica Rysavy is a director of institutional research and training at Goldy-Beacom College in Wilmington, DE. According to twitter, Peter Rysavy is a part-time philanthropist and idea unicorn.