Harriet L. Schwartz named Professor of Relational Practice and Higher Education, Antioch University PhDLC

Harriet L. Schwartz will return to her PhD alma mater, Antioch University’s PhD in Leadership and Change program, to serve as Professor of Relational Practice and Higher Education, beginning in July. Harriet is the first alum hired by the program in a full-time faculty role.

In a recent interview in the program newsletter, Harriet commented, “Antioch students are deep thinkers who are committed to addressing big problems and I am so eager to support and guide that work full-time. Second, I think the faculty role is a teacher-mentor hybrid role and that is a sweet spot for me, meaning it’s the space in which I can best contribute. My primary focus as a scholar thus far has been teaching as a relational practice – this IS the PhDLC. In addition, I believe that Antioch University’s PhDLC (as structured by program and policies and as lived by faculty, administration, and students) comes closer to living its values than most universities – I appreciate this deeply and am eager to help the program continue to flourish.”

Harriet leaves Carlow University after 14 years during which time she taught in the Master’s of Professional Leadership program, School of Education, Department of Psychology and Counseling, and also chaired a Master’s in Student Affairs program. She reflected, “Carlow students are passionate about making a difference and engaged in their work and it was my honor to teach and learn with them. In addition, the Carlow faculty is a special group — terrific colleagues who place teaching, care for students, and collegiality as top priorities, leaving their own egos at the door. I leave Carlow with gratitude for these wonderful students and many terrific faculty and staff colleagues.”

Harriet will continue to serve as Lead Scholar for Education as Relational Practice with the International Center for Growth in Connection.