Harriet Schwartz on Relational Cultural Theory and Mentoring

Join Harriet Schwartz as she talks mentoring and Relational Cultural Theory with Michelle Thomas and Ashley Wineland of The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania in this episode of MentorChat.

“You know those powerful moments you have with someone, maybe a mentee or someone you’re advising or coaching and you can almost feel it – they’re learning or growing, you feel energized… I wanted to understand that moment….RCT gives language to that energy that happens between two people when there is growth in that moment or in that relationship,” Harriet said, describing how an interest in mentoring was the foundation for her research and work as an educator and her interest in Relational Cultural Theory.

Harriet, Michelle, and Ashley explore a number of RCT concepts relevant to mentoring, including The Five Good Things (energy, worth, clarity, movement, and desire for more connection), mentoring episodes, and cultural context. In addition, they consider the question — What is the space I want to create today with the person or people I’m mentoring or teaching?