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Discussing the early days of RCT with Dr. Judith V. Jordan

Dr. Judith V. Jordan is one of the founding scholars of Relational Cultural Theory. She worked with Dr. Jean Baker Miller, Dr. Irene Stiver, and Dr. Janet Surrey — all developing a new theory of human development. In this video, I talk with Dr. Jordan about the early work — much of it in Jean Baker Miller’s living room. In this video, we also get a sense of what this journey was like for Dr. Jordan as a young scholar and what is was like for this working group to put forward RCT, a feminist theory, as they met both resonance and resistance. Throughout this interview, we also learn from Dr. Jordan’s wisdom as she shares stories of dealing with self-doubt, finding voice, and the joy of intense intellectual collaboration. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Jordan for this interview and hope it contributes to the intellectual history of Relational Cultural Theory.